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Mobile / 15 Seconds

by Pan Amsterdam x Iggy Pop

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Mobile 04:28
"Mobile" Two scratchers, Beef jerky, and a Power Ball " " I paint self hate portraits in acrylic, Since pedophiles think I'm not photogenic So cook up what you want in your burnt out skillet, Just know I do hunt and do know how to kill it You think you get the cow from the milk, the worm from the silk, The friggin' slave from the quilt Put food on my table one day but mad 'cause I didn't offer you lemonade from lemons, planted by Lady Day Strange fruit hangin, dead your syringe, Distorted guitars make white soul djs cringe Pan Am's plasma makes hair on heads singe, X-class solar flare, I impinge Give you vegetation and life but don't get to close, I ain't your star gate, burn you up like Sunday's pot roast Like old fast food grease, and burnt onion rings, Don't worry about the two thousand in over rings aiight Consider me your most humble worker, I'm lookin' at you as I make your burger And when I punch out I'm up to nothin funny, Just at the gas station makin' the city money And when I'm next in line I'm in it to win it, Playin' the lotto dreamy eyed like I was Tony Bennett When I lose consolation rolls up in a minute, Toothless meth head offerin', mad clinic Some are better than the rest of us, Reaching Nirvana with tooth ferries gazing out windows at Pegasus More mobile than the rest of us, Takin' life by the jugular, the be the best of regular Back in the driver's seat Iggy be the passenger, concession stand delicacies for my scavengers Kicked outta Dawson's creek, darkness be a challenger, Poison Ivy still yields plans on my calendar Ebony and Ivory, Wonder and McCartney, They in the backseat We takin no briberies, shame you like Rwanda for takin the ivory outta the Elephant's teeth We playin musical chairs, And you still lose if the music stops even if your PR did not No kissin' fake derrieres, Cause we still choose what's cream of the crop even if your AR forgot To Hell with your trials and tribulations, You're flippin burgers go prep the station HAHAHAHAHAHAHA This here Hahahahaha... Two scratchers, Beef jerky, and a Power Ball " "
"Fifteen Seconds" Yo, A1 sauce when you keep makin' mistakes, With an audacity to keep goals, better than Gordon Banks Copped a mendacity from being naked, swimmin' in shark tanks, Call it tenacity but we all know, somethin' stank an it ain't dank. Erotic smells in white paint, You can take it but I can't You can fake it shootin' blanks, I'm a pirate walkin' planks Learnin' lessons countin' blessins skip this ad in fifteen seconds (sample) A jaded fitting model that's had her day, Now walks around with Vitamin Water bottles filled with Chardonnay And it ain't even midday, Modern Day Ofay My heart got caught by default so you'll think it's the other way, Your so vain I bet you think this song is about you don't you Blueprint blue don't look good on you, Steely Dan i ain't a fan let the Haitian divorce run its course, Yeah man Tricks don't have treats, Malik be on beats, Sew that up, with a side order of Pig's feet Grow that butt, with a tripe order of chitlins meat She grow up, with a disorder cosmetic freak Butt shots on Dominican women meanwhile husband's cheatin' Pasteles con leche so she knows he's been creepin' Learnin' lessons countin blessins skip this ad in fifteen seconds (sample) Givin' me fake apologies fideen Try to teach me astrology fideen Playin me without strategy fideen Try to drown me with flatteries owp fideen Covet accessories fideen Trying to be my everything yup fideen Your way is the only way fideen Big Six over Six Tre fideen In the rain without a raincoat, cause the date cost me a house note It's a pain gotta stay woke, Does it mean I gotta stay broke More Soulful than a grace note, Roy Hargrove's my scapegoat I abhor what you did to my mentor, Robbin him like thugs in trench coats If you call a spade, Get ready for the ocean with a sailboat And if you do behave, Get ready for the tux on a steamboat I'm Pai Mei and I'm off, Gilding over the stage like Baryshnikov Bjork, Sawed Off


Pan Amsterdam gave us "The Pocket Watch". Even when revealing his condition and true identity to the public, this didn't stop the flow of interest and respect from new found fans as well as fellow contemporaries. Open Mike Eagle became an immediate fan and patron of Pan Am and took him on tour last Fall. They even cut a single together entitled, "No Snare".

One of the stops during the tour was Texas. Pan Am and Iggy Pop agreed to meet up and cut a track. "The one thing that comes to mind when travelling through Texas is its Texas Tea (oil)" Pan Am said while on break in the studio. "There's a lot of ways of living that rendezvous at the local gas station". It was as if Pan Am grew up with this knowledge since the cradle or something. This, undoubtedly is the thought process behind the tune Iggy and Pan Am cut, "Mobile".

“15 Seconds” shows out Madison Washington's Malik Ameer Crumpler in his producer boots. Usually known as rapper for MadWash, “15 Seconds” was made by Malik for Pan Am. Leron Thomas adding the horn line at the end of the track.

Both of these tracks will go towards making up the “Elevator Music Vol 1” EP.

“Elevator Music Vol 1” marks the first in what will be a three-part series of EPs released this year. All EPs made by Pan Amsterdam and friends. Some more special guests to follow...


released March 1, 2019

1. Mobile (Pan Amsterdam x Iggy Pop)
Vocals - Pan Amsterdam and Iggy Pop.
Leron Thomas - Trumpet, Keys,

Aaron Nevezie - Guitar, Bass.

2. Fifteen Seconds
(Produced by Malik Ameer Crumpler)
Leron Thomas - Trumpets

Mixed by:
Andrew Felluss - Redbird Studio
Mickael Rangeard - QDS - Mastering

Additional Mastering by

Leon Atter for BAM

Def Pressé 2019


all rights reserved



Pan Amsterdam New York, New York

When Pan Amsterdam washed up on the coast, he was wearing an oversized black velvet jacket with a cigarette burn, black jeans and two different coloured church socks. Further along the coast we found a trumpet case WITH a trumpet inside of it, in the case's side zipper there was a mouthpiece, valve oil for the horn, and a drive with tape on. Written on the tape were the words, "Elevator Music". ... more


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